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Lammert Laseur top instructor at international level at showjumping

Lammert Laseur, international showjumper

Lammert Laseur, former international GP showjumper which now mainly deals with instruction and solving row technical problems.

Lammert grew up as the eldest son at the horse farm of his father in Soest, where he rode horses on horses from an early age and competed at competitions. After that he continued on his way to work as a stable rider for 5 years with Johan Heins and Jan Maathuis. Here he has trained an average of 25 horses per day and also competed at national and international competitions.

His performances were not without merit and he even selected himself for the selection of the Olympics. Unfortunately due to private circumstances this has not gone through.

Instruction at international showjumping

At this moment Lammert trains pupils every day from novice riders to the sport rider. As a classically trained and meaningful experience he knows how to get everything out of a rider and even more, Lammert is a real horse man and does this with a lot of passion.

In addition, Lammert specializes in solving technical problems and knows how to solve this problem flawlessly in the short term. His opinion is therefore highly appreciated by renowned colleagues.

Lammert teaches at your own location throughout the country and adjacent to the Dutch border abroad. He can also be hired for a short period to solve problems or to put the finishing touches. He also supervises students at national and international competitions.


If you are interested in renting Lammert, you can request information by e-mail. Lammert.Laseur@gmail.com or go to contacts

If you want to attend a lesson in the Netherlands, this is also possible.